Pawn Loans

Pawn LoansThat means that "Payday Loans" will loan you money on valuable items you own that will act as collateral.

There is never a credit check, there are no long forms to fill out and we give you cash within minutes. You can have as many pawn loans outstanding as you want and we don’t report to credit agencies.

Your property is evaluated to determine the loan value of the item. Based on the condition and quality of the item, a loan value is set. You will then be informed of the conditions of the loan and will be given a contract to sign. You will then receive the cash for your loan.

Your collateral will be held safely and securely at the store in storage during the term of the loan. All you need is a valid government issued picture ID.

While our pawn shop is regulated by the Office of Consumer Credit just like other small loan companies.

If you have any additional questions about our services, please contact us at (561) 123-1234

Using your own personal property as collateral for a pawn loan is a fast and easy way to get quick cash whenever you might need it.